If you have questions, either for yourself, or to feel better equipped to answer others, then Alpha is definitely for you. If you are searching for something but aren’t quite sure what it is, Alpha is also the answer. If you feel like the church-going that you’ve experienced so far hasn’t really hit the nail on the head of what life’s really about then Alpha is probably also the answer. If you feel like church-going is more tame and less connected to your life than it should be, then, yes, Alpha is also the answer. If you have some time on Tuesday evenings then Alpha is also the answer.

Before you think we’ve had a mid-vacancy coup and made Bear Grylls our God, this is all because Alpha will unapologetically tell you that Jesus is the answer.

Your journey through faith can be the greatest adventure you will ever experience. It’s the case for Bear, and he has had some crazy adventures. And done a headstand on a cliff. And probably swam with sharks…

Please, please think about coming to Alpha. Tell your friends and family. Bring them along. Consider whether there is someone that you could encourage. Pray your socks off.

Please join us on Tuesday 31 January, from 7.15pm at the Venture Centre in Lawford to start unpacking the greatest story, the greatest adventure, and the greatest opportunity you might ever see.

Hope to see you there!