We are here to help you through one of life’s most difficult times, giving support before, during and after services, for as long as it’s needed.

Funeral Services

We are happy to talk through options and any questions you might have, but we would strongly advise you to speak to a funeral director when organising any type of funeral service. We are work with many different funeral directors, and there are currently three working within the Benefice, on Manningtree High Street:

They are best able to answer your questions and to arrange everything that you might want at a service. We work closely with them, however, and will arrange to meet with you early on in the process to support you, and help to arrange the best service for your loved ones that we can.

For more information on planning a funeral service, please also check the Church of England’s Funerals website.


Please be aware that while everyone is entitled to have a funeral held in a Church, to be buried in either of our Churchyards you must be a resident of the Parish, a member of the electoral roll, or have a valid and facultied grave reservation. If you have a facultied grave reservation but are not sure if it is valid, please contact the Church Office as soon as possible, and we’ll try to help you. We can also bury in an existing family grave (depending on previous burials), but please make sure to discuss this with all family members.

Please also be aware that Mistley Burial Ground and Churchyard is likely to be closed in the next year due to there being no more room. This will not preclude burials or burials of ashes in existing family graves or valid facultied reserved graves.

When selecting a site for burial, we strongly suggest that you consider how you will want to mark the site. The Church of England, and the Chelmsford area in particular, is very strict about what is, and is not allowed in a Church of England churchyard. Please talk to your funeral director and if in doubt, contact the Church Office if restricted options for memorials might make a difference to where you would choose to bury. There is an option to apply for a ‘faculty’ to petition the Chelmsford Diocese for options on memorials which aren’t normally allowable, but we really don’t recommend this as it is costly and will not necessarily be approved.

After the Funeral

We want to support you not just before and during the service, but into the future, for as long as you would like us to help. As well as personal, practical and prayerful support, we have two particular ways in which we would like to continue to support you.

  • Light a Candle: we hold an annual service to remember all those who we have loved and lost. This is normally held on the first Saturday of November, offering families and friends a chance to come together, and to remember and give thanks for their loved ones. Wherever possible, we try to invite everyone with whom we have had contact in the last few years, but no invitation is necessary and everyone is welcome. Please look out for more information on the Church calendar, in the In Touch and Grapevine magazines, and in internal Church publications.
  • Tea & Support: we hold a monthly meeting, run with help from Paskells, which provides a safe place for people who have been left alone, to make friends, share experiences, and find practical support. It’s normally held on the third Wednesday of the month, 2.00pm at Mistley Church Hall. Please see here for more information, or contact Paskells or the Church Office.


Whether it’s for a recent burial, or to mark a currently un-marked grave, we are very happy to talk about erecting memorials in the churchyard and burial ground.

This needs to be done through a funeral director or stone mason, and they should be able to advise you as to what might be possible, whether you are looking to add an inscription or replace and existing stone, or erect a new stone.

Please be aware that the Church of England, and the Chelmsford area in particular, is very strict about what is, and is not allowed in a Church of England churchyard. The Church Office is very happy to talk to individuals or professionals about what might be possible before an application is made. If you feel strongly that you would like to try for options on memorials which aren’t normally allowable, you can apply for a ‘faculty’ to petition the Chelmsford Diocese, but we don’t recommend this as it is costly and will not necessarily be approved.