Next time you are out and about on Manningtree High Street, you might notice that bang opposite Lucca is a mysterious piece of wall with a sign on it. You can even Google Street view it. It is not just a mysterious piece of wall, nor is it just a PokeStop. It is the last remaining piece of St. Michael and All Angels’ Church, which stood on Manningtree High Street from 1616-1966.

If you’ve done your maths correctly, you’ll realise that it is therefore 400 years since St. Michael’s was built, and we want to mark the occasion.
We will be holding a service of celebration and thanksgiving for the mission and ministry of St. Michael and All Angels Church, and we’d love for as many people to join us as possible.
It’ll be on Sunday 25 September, 5pm at St. Mary & St. Michael’s Church, Mistley, with tea together from 4pm.
If you have any photos or memories of St Michael’s that you would like to share, please let us know! We’d love to include them in our celebrations. (see contact details elsewhere on the website or on the poster).
If you’re wondering why the poster has a little angel on it, or maybe more why that angel has a massive sword, it’s because St. Michael is traditionally thought to be an angel (an archangel if you want to get into angel-nitty-gritty) but not in the way that popular culture portrays them. He is not so much a floaty, gauzy girl, as is understood to be the protector of the people of God, and a fighter of the forces of evil.
(I was at the National Gallery earlier this year, and couldn’t move for paintings of Michael stamping on dragons and generally looking a lot like Thor.)
As we face into the unknown with Chris retiring at the end of October, and we enter into a new season, heading towards All Souls and Remembrance, let’s not forget to give thanks to the God of Angel Armies, who has not left us alone or abandoned, who has provided over and over again, and who even things happen which we don’t understand and when churches have been pulled down, He has still proved to be  faithful.
Please join us on Sunday 25 September, 4pm for tea and 5pm for a service remembering and giving thanks for St. Michael’s Church, celebrating that in every building, every space, and every place, God is the same, yesterday, today and forever, and He has every dragon on the run.