We’ve got several services on today:
the Walk of Witness starts from Mistley Church at 12pm, 
ending in an Outdoor Service at the Manningtree Ox at 12.20pm
The Reflections on the Cross meditation will be at 1pm at Bradfield, 
and The Nail Good Friday service will be at Mistley at 2pm

As well as our services and events, see below for a multimedia meditative art piece, 
remembering the events of Good Friday. 

This was created and performed by an artist called Scott Erickson for his Church a few years ago, using the narrative of the stations of the cross, with the music of Radiohead, all combined with live painting. See here for his website: if you can’t immediately see the info on this video, scroll down and you should find it on the left. 

The Crucifixion According to Radiohead from Ecclesia Houston on Vimeo.

All original material by Scott Erickson. Please go to his website to find out more.