We have a service today, 9.30am at Bradfield Church 
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If you can’t join us, or if you’d like to carry on walking this Holy Week with us, then read on…

Maundy Thursday is one of those days that as the years go on, the more significant I find it. It is so chock-full of symbolism.

So, did you know the significance of the meal? It wasn’t just any old meal that they ate on Jesus’ last night of freedom, but Passover, the celebration of the Israelites’ rescue from Egypt. Part of this involved eating bread and drinking wine. Jesus was taking their old traditions and re-appropriating them, giving the disciples’ history new significance, allowing them to stand upon on it, not get bogged down in it.

So there wasn’t just one cup of wine, but four, each to be drunk at a significant point in the meal, each with its own meaning.

1. The Cup of Sanctification: “I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians”
2. The Cup of Deliverance: “I will deliver you from slavery to them”
3. The Cup of Redemption: “I will redeem you with an outstretched arm”
4. The Cup of Restoration: “I will take you to be my people, and I will be your God”

Here’s the thing. I believe that during the meal, the Last Supper, they drank the first three. I understand, however, that they did not drink the final cup. In other words…

They drank in that they were set apart, set free, and redeemed. Their restoration waited a few more days.

The other thing that I feel that I took far too long to realise, is that when bread is broken and wine shared, and Jesus says to ‘remember’ Him, it’s not just about eating while you think about Jesus, or drinking because of what He’s done. It’s literally re-membering Him. Each of us, with our bit of the puzzle, coming back together, making a whole beautiful picture of our salvation.

The video below has been made by Friends and Heroes, who have animated stories of Jesus for teaching purposes, and they’ve made this one free for anyone who wants to use it!

See here for more information on Friends and Heroes and this video.