Tonight we’ve got Life Together, our monthly meeting where we have time for more in-depth worship, for discussions, and for more prayer, all around tables with pudding and coffee. Tonight’s theme is The Experience of Gethsemane, thinking about times of difficulty, when God doesn’t feel near. It’s 7.15pm at Mistley Church.

So today, amongst other things, is the day when Mary Magdalene washed Jesus’ feet in her tears, and poured incredibly expensive perfume over Him. I’m not going to expound some theological thoughts on this: the internet is at your finger-tips. 
Instead, let’s do something. Get a tissue, and put a good amount of something strongly smelling on it. Preferably something pleasant. It could be perfume. Olbas Oil would work nicely. Put a decent amount on the tissue, then carry it around with you. I appreciate this might not be doable if you’re hanging out with people who are, say, allergic to perfume, so please be considerate and feel free to leave your strongly-smelling tissue in your car. Boy, will that smell when you get back in there…
The point is, Jesus was anointed by someone who valued Him. She faced derision and questions about what the heck she was doing, because she thought He was worth it. 
And Jesus would have carried the scent of her worship for days. Have you every considered that every action of Good Friday, every mark made on Jesus’ body would have just released more of that perfume back into the air? I think by the end of Good Friday I would never want to smell nard again.
So today, carry perfume with you. Remember how Mary valued Jesus. And remember how He valued her for doing it.