I know you’re probably all too busy reading up the best pancake recipes and trying to decide on lemon and sugar vs something more edgy (chocolate spread? You rebel) but don’t forget that the whole reason for pancake day is that Lent starts tomorrow.

To mark the occasion, rather than forcing the newest member of the clergy to make a pancake on live television (though we SHOULD do that…note to self), we will be holding a service for Ash Wednesday, Wednesday 10 February, 9.30am at Bradfield Church. This traditional-style service will include the opportunity to be marked with ash, starting this season of reflection and rededication the way we mean to go on!

If you have any traditions, books you read, things you give up, things you take up, things you try through Lent, please leave them in the comments here! You might really help someone else with a great idea for these next 40 days.