St. Mary and St. Michael, Mistley with Manningtree

At this chilly, bare-branched time of year, there is rarely talk of new life. The snowdrops seem a little far away right now, not to mention the daffodils. This blog, however, is having a Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe epiphany: it has been always winter, but now it’s nearly Christmas. Welcome to the newly revamped Manningtree Benefice Blog!

We’re in the midst of changing our website, but while we do, we can’t do a lot with it! Therefore, our sadly neglected blog  which has languished, unused and unloved for too long, has a new lease of life. Please do check here for news and events coming up. What’s more, our general service pattern and our special Christmas services, and more besides, are all available on the tabs at the top of the page.

St. Lawrence, Bradfield

We’re also on facebook. Search for ‘Manningtree Benefice’ and like us for updates and more. We’re needy like that.

That’s it, for now. Stay warm and look forward to the snowdrops.

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