Hope you’re having a good week and are not suffering too much from several days so cold as to not really be believed and now this miserable rain. Anyway, I have some photos from this week to make you feel better. 

This was dawn over the Mistley Churchyard on Thursday. I think it was about -5 at the time, but look how pretty it was. So worth it.

Here’s a bit of Christmas cheer. Woolly Christmas (which was, allegedly, so successful that it is on next year’s Christmas list) and the Mistley Buggy Clubbers decorating the tree. They’ve done it beautifully.
And finally, for all those who aren’t coming up to Bradfield this week:
He looks like a jaunty spy. 
I’ve got some more festive photos lined up, and please, if you take pictures at events and on walks and when you make a great cake, send them in. It’s good to share. Sesame Street taught me that.
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