For all that I’m pretty smug that we here at MM+B have an active web page, are regularly emailing weekly sheets and are on facebook, I have a confession to make: I don’t really get twitter. Or Pinterest. I pretty regularly make jokes about how if we had a church twitter account, I’d be tweeting such gems as ‘Chris just preached on the Holy Spirit. LOL’, and Pinterest infuriates me that so often, people post pictures of cake without the all-important recipe. I mean. Really.

However, all that grumpiness aside, we want our online presence to not just be informative. It’s useful to be able to reasonably reliably tell you things, give you news, and keep you up to date, but we’d also like to actually be engaging with each other. Sharing, if you will.

So. I’m going to take this opportunity to share some things that I have found that you might like. You might not, but that’s OK too! It goes both ways, though. If you know of good songs available on youtube, blogs to keep an eye on, interesting websites…anything really, let me know, either in the comments here, or email me on It’s good to share.

There’s also:
The Rabbit Room –  This is a bunch of Christian song-writers and writers, discussing what it means to be a Christian. A lot of them are pretty wordy, and they’re mainly obsessed with C.S. Lewis and Tolkein (hence the name) and they’ve got a lot of wisdom between them. In the song-writers, I particularly recommend Jason Gray. Ask John B about him next time you see him. He’s effusive.
Story Warren –  Started by the guys above, it’s mainly about teaching children about Jesus, with a strong focus on imagination and creativity. There are some really interesting ideas here. Give it a read.
Stuff Christians Like – You, as a Christian, might actually not like this stuff, but I certainly do. It’s very silly, quite often deeply profound, and even more often even more silly.

Of course, I cannot take either credit or blame for what you find on the above websites. I do encourage you to explore a bit though, and discuss it. More than that, share.

Hope to see you soon!
Church Office