teamWe believe that loving our neighbour isn’t just about looking beyond our church walls. We want to grow together, love each other more, and be more like a family than ever before!

Life Groups

We believe that these small groups are where we learn and grow together as a church. We’d love to encourage you to join a life group – one that suits you!

  • Life Groups – fourdifferent groups, mainly with a focus on Bible study, discussion and prayer.
  • ALPHA Groups – looking at what we believe. Ideal if you’re new to church.
  • SHAPE Groups – looking at our God-given gifts and talents, and finding out how to use them.
  • Julian Prayer Group – a group for silent, reflective prayer.

Please contact us for more information on any of the above. 

Baptisms, Thanksgivings & Confirmations

We regularly hold baptism services in the Benefice. We are also really happy to have thanksgiving services. They can both be held for children, or adults. We also have the opportunity several times a year to hold or be involved in confirmation services. If you are interested in any of the above, please see our Thanksgivings & Baptisms page, or contact the Church Office.

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