Cafe Church at Mistley

We gather every week on a Sunday to worship together. Please check out this page for more information.

Sunday Gatherings (or services!)

We gather together not just to receive and be served, but to participate in, encourage each other through, and be changed by our worship of the living God.

Worship should allows us, where we are, to connect with God, but we’re not all the same, and so our worship isn’t one-size-fits all. We have therefore grown two main strands of worship style, each aiming to evolve to fit and to challenge its congregations.

First, our more formal-style worship is probably what you might expect: it’s normally organ-led, with singing from hymn books, and prayers led from the front. This worship-style includes more symbols and customs from the church’s history, using Communion and familiar prayers to aid the worship.  This strand includes our two monthly services of Holy Communion and our one monthly service of Morning Prayer, as well as services of Evening Prayer and an early service of Holy Communion using the Book of Common Prayer.

Second, our more informal-style worship might be a bit of a surprise: it’s more often led by our band, using a screen rather than books, involving a simpler service shape, with more time allowed for sung worship, and for teaching.We normally expect more families at this worship strand, and therefore hold our children’s programme here. This therefore shapes some of the content in this strand, and we often include all-age sections to various services. This strand includes our two monthly services of Family Worship, our very informal Cafe Church gatherings, and our one monthly service of Quiet Communion.

We really value our range and mix of styles, but we don’t want to have a ‘split-personality’; we are one church, and therefore we want to remember this by sometimes putting aside our worship preferences, and worshipping together. We therefore also have at least one service a month where we meet together as one church family. This is usually on the first Sunday of the month, at Mistley.

See the calendar for specific services.

First Sunday of the month:
10.00am refreshments at Mistley
10.30am Benefice Family Communion at Mistley with Treasure Seekers (childrens work)
6.00pm Evening Prayer at Bradfield

Second Sunday of the month:
10.00am refreshments at Mistley
10.30am Family Worship service at Mistley with Treasure Seekers
10.30am Holy Communion at Bradfield
6.00pm Evening Prayer at Mistley

Third Sunday of the month:
10.30am Holy Communion at Mistley
10.30am Family Worship at Bradfield with Treasure Seekers
6.00pm Quiet Communion at Bradfield

Fourth Sunday of the month:
8.00am BCP Holy Communion at Mistley
10.00am Refreshments at Mistley
10.30am Cafe Church at Mistley with Treasure Seekers*
10.30am Morning Worship service at Bradfield*

* these two services occasionally switch. Please see the calendar for up to date information.

Fifth Sunday of the month (where applicable):
9.30am Breakfast followed by
10.30am Joint Worship with Communion and Treasure Seekers at Bradfield. See calendar.

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